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One of the top causes for house fires, unfortunately, are dryers! Sure you keep it clean by wiping it down and cleaning the lint trap every time you use it. The problem is there is more lint than what you are seeing. Some lint goes out the back into the dryer vent and some manages to sneak into the areas you can't see. Over time, all that builds up more and more, of course, we can't see it because it is closed up and in most cases inaccessible to most of us. Then all it takes is a really hot cycle to start that lint on fire or a hot spark and it lights up like a Christmas tree. Lint is highly flammable, so it doesn't take much to get it going. So you want to make sure you take care of that lint. Most of us don't have the tools to access those areas we can't see. That is when you need to get dryer vent cleaning in Omaha, NE. 

We can take care of that dryer cleaning that you need and can set you up with a regular dryer cleaning schedule. We can also provide air duct cleaning when we clean the dryer duct too. Making sure everything is clear from dryer vent blockage and vent lint buildup will help with dryer fire prevention. You will feel so much better not having to worry about the dryer knowing it was now taken care of. Also by keeping it cleaned out, it may help your dryer work more efficiently. Which will save you money and everyone can appreciate that!

Another service we also offer is carpet installation, so if your carpet has had it or your ready to cover up that cold floor.

Just give us a call we can get you covered from wall to wall.

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